Who We Serve

Women in Leadership

O2 Effect helps women to get to the next level in their careers by:

  • Identifying blind spots and working on solutions to overcome them
  • Navigating the challenging waters of life and career
  • Developing Executive Presence to take a seat at the C-suite table
  • Developing Assertiveness and finding the balance between that and aggressiveness
  • Managing Conflict well

Young Leadership

O2 Effect serves up and coming young leaders to:

  • Speak up and step out of their comfort zones
  • Connect and communicate effectively by being present
  • Develop high levels of self-esteem
  • Impact the world in meaningful ways that make a difference
  • Stand up to peer pressure and help those who are buckling under it

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Technology has caused the world to shrink at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, we need to up our game on a global communication level. O2 Effect will help professionals of all levels to bridge cultural gaps so that they can serve their clients on a global scale. We need to be aware of and be sensitive to the cultures we serve and to those people whom we employ from other cultures. O2 Effect is trained and skilled to help professionals and leaders to communicate and get results through others by:

  • Identifying blind spots: cultural, gender, generation, personality type
  • Knowing what it takes to be a top-notch communicator
  • Being able to handle and manage conflict in all areas
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Identifying individual and TEAM strengths and building international teams around it