Are you falling into one of the 4 Communication Gaps?

Are you falling into one of the 4 Communication Gaps?

1) Gender

Women and men speak different languages. The potential for missing the mark with the opposite gender can go up if we are not in tune with gender-based nuances.

2) Generation

The workplace is more crowded than ever! There are 5 generations in the workplace today and each generation has its own way of looking at the world. This fact alone can create some tension and conflict.

3) Culture

The global economy has created a more inter-connected, smaller world. Where we were born and how we were raised determines our outlook on life and that affects our communication style. Culture is a massive factor in how we communicate.

4) Personality Type

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you a high “D” or “I”, what are your strengths? Knowing a person’s “personality type” can greatly affect communication. If we don’t adapt ourselves and customize our approach, communication can fall into conflict land.

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